Deep Clean

It can be hard to find the time to give your house a real thorough deep clean. In some cases, people might be unable to clean their house regularly because of a variety of reasons including work, children, or health problems. So let us come in and do a total top to bottom deep spring cleaning for you. We will dust and polish your furniture, clean every corner, de-limescale bathrooms and de-grease the kitchen… in fact, anything you want us to clean!

JP cleaning solutions provides cleaning services for homes and properties all over the Brighton and Hove area. Homeowners, tenants, landlords and business owners use our spring cleaning service too.

Or if you are looking for just that spring clean

A spring clean is the way to get your whole house beautifully clean from the build-up of all sorts of dust and germs and general grime.

Modern lifestyles really do not leave us with the time to regularly deep clean our homes because we all lead incredibly busy lifestyles.

Whatever the case may be, why don’t you let us sweep away your cares and ease that burden for you?

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Builders Clean

Once a renovated or newly built property is complete, there may be unwanted dirt, dust, or mess left behind by builders. The post building clean is the process which changes a site to a finished building.

At JP cleaning solutions we have a team of cleaners who specialise in after-builders cleaning services.

We know what miracles our cleaners can perform.

Why not give us a call and we’ll tell you how! JP cleaning solutions will come and make your home liveable again by magically wiping away all the grime and dust and general builder related filth that has made your lovely home a liveable mess.

Carpet cleaning; upholstery cleaning; exterior window cleaning and removal of any rubbish can be arranged .

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